Potholes – Fix It and Forget It

Potholes are not unknown in Marshfield, Wisconsin. Matter of fact, potholes can be seen throughout the Marshfield city roadways and intersections of the community.

Our winters are harsh in Marshfield, making ongoing maintenace a priority if you want to have a maintained driveway or parking lot.

Using road grade asphalt, Solutionz is able to fix your potholes so you can forget about the troubles that stem from potholes. If you let your potholes go, not only will they get larger, but they will create more issues for your hard surfaces that will result in increased maintenace costs.

Our customers find that our maintenace solutionz reduces the maintenance cost and increases curb appeal. So when you experience your next pothole, fix it and forget it with a call to Solutionz.