Solutionz President Rich Hohl was on-site in the Township of Richfield this week as Solutionz crews repaired potholes and other issues to the roads.

“We start by burning out the bad areas and replacing it with road grade asphalt that we get from American Asphalt,” explained Hohl. “They are the only supplier in the area and they have a great product.”

With the goal of returning the road to a smooth surface, Solutionz used a “hot patch” method instead of a “cold patch” method. The latter is a temporary fix, whereas a hot patch is more permanent.

For the township, patching instead of repaving the road was likely a budget-conscious decision.

“Paving roads at a couple hundred thousand dollars a mile vs. patchwork is a way better cost effective way for the township,” said Hohl.

Along with commercial properties, Solutionz focuses on residential property.

“We offer sealcoating and crack-filling, and we also do striping,” said Hohl.

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